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Art offers a sense of calmness, one that can reduce states of anxiety, depression and cope with stress. It might sound crazy that a simple canvas can help relieve anxiousness or stress, but as research demonstrates, it is highly plausible. Studies show how art therapy has a significant impact on those who suffer from anxiety and depression. It is also beneficial when exploring emotions and developing self-awareness. For over 70 years, art therapy has made a successful improvement on mental health. The question is, how does it work? Can hanging an art piece truly help in calming and preventing such attacks? Within this article, we will communicate how displaying artwork in a home or within an office space, can provide anxiety relief, curb depression, and cultivate awareness.



Art is Calming and Can Induce Happiness


Walking through a gallery filled with world renowned artwork is a unique experience. Where painting, doodling, drawing, and sculpting are an obvious choice when looking to lessen feelings of anxiety or panic, observing actually holds the same effect. Researchers have found that “browsing through an art gallery can help lower the body’s concentration of the stress hormone cortisol and increase the pleasure hormone, dopamine”. Therefore, by observing a piece of art, your brain cancels out any stress or anxious feelings, and replaces them with happiness and motivation.


Studies show viewing artwork can also replicate the same physical reactions we feel when we fall in love. Professor Semir Zeki expresses, "what we found is when you look at art – whether it is a landscape, a still life, an abstract or a portrait – there is strong activity in that part of the brain related to pleasure. We put people in a scanner and showed them a series of paintings every ten seconds. We then measured the change in blood flow in one part of the brain. The reaction was immediate. What we found was the increase in blood flow was in proportion to how much the painting was liked. The blood flow increased for a beautiful painting just as it increases when you look at somebody you love. It tells us art induces a feel-good sensation direct to the brain." This means that not only can art be a stress reliever by calming us down, but it can also induce happiness and love, the same you would feel when you see an individual that would stir these feelings.




Fills the Void


There is something soothing about hanging artwork on your walls. A blank wall can communicate feelings of loneliness and emptiness. When your walls are completely bare, there is a coldness that surrounds the space. The space itself doesn’t feel “homely” or “welcoming”, but the exact opposite. When you hang a piece or several pieces of art that you feel connected to or that represents something you love, you start to feel at peace within your surroundings. Essentially, it fills this void inside of you, and your mind will connect and feed off of the space. Art can help you feel more alive, it can inspire and influence your own creativity and desire to flourish. It can encourage happiness and uplift your mood.


An office or home that has blank walls will feed into the loneliness and anxiety that is growing within you. By making your space your own, and filling it with art that brightens not only your space but also your mood, it can uplift you during your darkest moments. Artwork allows you to express yourself and your personality.




Offers Relief & Heals


Focusing on self-care is extremely important. It is crucial to find activities and items that put your mind and body at ease. The human mind requires an outlet that it can connect to and find solace within. Art is an outstanding example of this! When feeling lost, overwhelmed, or even depressed, observing a piece of art can alleviate any symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Sometimes a simple painting or photograph of a place can offer a sense of relief nothing else can. It can help to ward off negative thoughts and emotions, while working to center you back into the present. It is important to fill your space with things you connect with, this will help when you need some relief, as looking at something familiar can help to curb panic.




It Inspires Us


Similar to how a song or a book we love can inspire us to work harder and want to create more, art can do the same. Art can transform a space and bring it to life, altering it to become somewhere you love to work within. In 2014, A study conducted by the University of Arkansas showed how visits to art museums have a significant effect on students. The study established how art encourages critical thinking and improves empathy.


Whenever we view art, we feel inspired by it. Whether that is to try out a creative task, or encourage us to follow our true passions in life, a simple piece of art can influence us to do more and to try new things. Past philosophers believe art can stir up emotions and impact our behavior.




Artwork isn’t only used to transform a space, it can also transform your mood. Life is stressful. It can get to where your stress, anxiety and depression can demand centre stage. Taking a minute to gaze upon an art piece allows you the opportunity to appreciate the finer things life offers. Displaying artwork on your walls can give you an object to focus on when things become too overwhelming. Maintaining focus and drawing your thoughts onto one aspect, encourages you to let go of your anxiousness and regain clarity. As stated above, artwork is not only created to influence its observers, but also to inspire, centre, promote wonder, and encourage happiness. When looking to add a piece of art to your home or your office space, it is highly suggested you choose pieces that you not only enjoy looking at, but are also something you connect with. By choosing artwork you personally find grounding, it can significantly boost your daily mood and productivity rate.


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