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The company you see before you was started to solve a simple question: "Why can't I find something worthwhile for my home office? My name is Ben and as an equities and options trader, I wanted something unique to go along with my style, and it just wasn't there.

Using my 10 years of market experiences has allowed me to come up with some truly unique ideas for artwork in the finance & office space. As you can only be truly great at a few select things in life, I knew that finding the best designers for WSP was top priority. It took an extremely long time, but the end result of taking my market experience with their design experience has given us something you won't find anywhere else. It's time to make your office stand out.


Meet a few of the WSP Designers

We've spent up to 30 hours on a single piece with our designers, and then cut over 90% of them before launching any art. To make it on this list, you've got to be the best.

Clara D

United Kingdom

Jesse J

United States




Every piece of artwork shipped to you comes wrapped to prevent smudging, double wrapped to protect the hand stretched canvas onto the wood backing, and put inside a cardboard packaging to prevent damages.

We stand behind our art and give this guarantee...Quality Guaranteed or We'll Replace it for Free. We do all we can to ensure the investment you just made will have zero issues upon delivery. Because the only picture we want from you, is your new artwork hung up on the wall.

Artwork for Modern Finance

Wall Street Art is more than just art on the wall. It represents a vision of the future, the ultimate motivational message, and the drive to succeed. It’s a visual depiction of the best of modern finance, leveraging the best version of yourself to show up, every single time.

The vision of success extends from a simple image on your screen, to a tangible center piece of your corporate space. Our canvas art and semi-gloss prints incorporate different artistic styles to embody the modern corporate finance world. Collect and surround yourself with representations of your most prized assets.

We know the risks. That’s why we do not trade price for quality. Care is taken finding the best artists and products, centering the piece on the wall with the same care you always take when entering new investments. That’s why we want to find what inspires you and what drives you to success.

So tell us, how do you see yourself in our artwork?


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