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One of our favorite quotes is from Seneca, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”   See anyone can work hard, get crazy successful, and then get called lucky.  Everyone sees them with the designer clothes, big house, fancy car, whatever the status their chasing is, that lucky person got it.

Yet no one talks about the grind it took to get there.  The 5am days, the 2am nights.  It's easy to look at someone else and call them lucky, because it's damn hard to look at someone else and say they took advantage of their opportunity and I didn't.  

The reality is, not everyone who takes advantage of opportunities gets lucky.  Some people can really work hard and still come up short.  Life is cruel like that at times.  Yet life is also amazing, and gives power to those who look for it.  

You can't guarantee yourself success any more than you can guarantee you're going to wake up when you fall asleep tonight.  So if you can't guarantee success, why bother?  Why spend the late nights and early mornings grinding away while others are sleeping, gaming, partying, or just straight up living?

Because a decade of having your nose to the grindstone can do some amazing things for the rest of your life.  While we can't guarantee it can happen, we can guarantee not changing anything guarantees nothing changes.  If you want to improve your life, it starts with you.  Your mindset is everything.  

If you need help with that, we recommend our motivational piece, Opportunity Is Calling.  Nothing is more in your face that opportunity is there but it's up to you to answer to the call quite like this wall art for your home office.  Find it, Buy it, Hang it.  We've made it so simple for you that you have no excuse.  

You want your home office to be a mecca for those that learn about you in 20 years?  You better believe your space has to inspire you to go the distance. You won't make it long term with little short term success unless you've got the right mindset.  Period.  If you need help with that, with motivating yourself with inspirational art, then it's time to give us a try. 

We built this company from the ground up, and we know what it takes to go the distance.  So check out Opportunity is Calling or any one of our other Entrepreneur Pieces from that collection and do the work until your preparation meets opportunity and others start calling you, lucky. 


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