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Guess how much this is? Take a second and really look. If you look closely you can see this is $100,000. Now imagine a video just popped up on youtube and a slick looking trader is telling you that's what they made last month in their pajamas and you can do it too for the low cost of $997 to take their course.

You think about it and finally decide it's probably too good to be true and move on. But just because you were able to pass, doesn't mean most could. Why is it that everyone keeps falling for these massive stacks of cash on youtube telling people they can crush trading after just a few short days or weeks in the market?

Want to know the secret? Want to know the cold hard truth about those videos?

They're absolute junk! The fact that they say they can generate $100,000 per month yet have to spend ad money on youtube videos to hook you in for only 1% of their actual salary should be appauling to you.

But you still might say that $100,000 is hard to come by, whether it's their money or someone else's. The sheer fact that they have that much cash means someone in their circle has deep pockets and they may actually have an edge, right?

Wrong. The reality can truly be summed up in this next picture.

The truth is that these Financial Guru's or FURUs as they're called, can buy $100,000 of cash for around $70, rent an air bnb for one night for around $500, and buy a bunch of ads on youtube and facebook for $300. In the end, if they make just one sale, they break even, and it only goes up from there.

The incentives are real for these hooksters to sell you a fake dream. But that's not reality. The reality of trading is it's hard freakin work. It takes years to master your craft and few can do so consistently.

If there was one thing that truly helped myself and many others succeed, it was mindset. It wasn't the money, it wasn't the system, it wasn't any of the fluff. It simply came down to mindset. All systems work at different times, and with proper risk management most systems can come out ahead when done correctly.

The issue comes down to the wrong mindset. With the wrong mindset, you risk too much after a loser or a couple losers back to back. With the wrong mindset, you take trades you shouldn't take because you're feeling bad about something else and want to feel good again with a rush from trading.

With the right mindset, you guarantee nothing. But with the wrong mindset, you guarantee everything. That is one of the many reasons we started Wall Street Prints. Financial Artwork is something fairly niche yet it serves a truly wide audience. When you walk into your home or office and see something truly special on the wall, it can do something powerful to you.

When you see the bullish hundred dollar bill, it can remind you that to earn that money you have to be bullish, and that means staying away from short setups today.



When you see the modern bear it can remind you that you are a bear yourself, and you have earned that right to trade the way your plan allows.



Trading truly provides unlimited opportunities when taken at the proper time. The secret to trading success then is not some secret indicator or system a FURU is selling you, but a proper system with an outstanding mindset.

While each trader must discover for themselves the system that fits best with their personality, a winning mindset can be improved upon with the help of things like the artwork found here on Wall Street Prints. If you're ready, take a look around, we've got some of the best financial artwork on the planet.

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