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Working from home could be the best decision you’ve ever made, or something that negatively impacts your production and creation rate. From a loss of motivation, disinterest in your work, to even procrastination, home offices pose a serious risk to your work ethic. The question that comes up a lot, is how does one succeed while working from home? The answer varies!

Everyone finds motivation in different things. However, down below we have listed a few tips and tricks we swear by when looking to transform your mindset and home space into a place where you can successfully enjoy working 8 or more hours!  

 Maybe you’ve been working remotely for years or because of the current worldwide pandemic it forced you to bring your work into your personal space. Regardless of the situation or reason for the sudden desire for the rejuvenation, our team has some amazing home office ideas to redirect your attention, encourage productivity, and promote success. There are a lot of things that can distract us from getting our work done, and if we take this past year as a sign, your home office might become a more permanent fixture. It’s important you find things that will help you succeed in your working from home journey! We suggest taking some notes down, as we promise you won’t want to miss these suggestions!


Create a Schedule!

 There are a million things you need to do within your day, and work isn’t the only one! It is extremely important that you don’t drown yourself in your workload and neglect the other necessary activities and duties you have to focus on in your life. We suggest creating a schedule and setting timers! This will keep you accountable and up to date on everything you need to accomplish during the day.

It’s understandable how easy it is to get lost in your job, forgetting the outside world. This is why scheduling in your break, snacks, lunch, time to walk your fur-baby, and even getting in some fresh air will balance out your day without overwhelming your mental state. Remember, you need to recharge too! The only way you can accomplish everything you need to do is if you are at your best. Your body needs fuel, breaks, and encouragement.

Set your work hours! It is easy to get lost in your work, but don’t forget you have a life outside of it. Working from home cuts out that commute and designated sign-off time. It’s important you set your specified work hours and stick to them, don’t allow your personal and your work life to overlap. It’s easy to allow yourself more time to work if you have a home office, but don’t let it get too overwhelming. Once you’re done for the day, sign off completely.


 Choose the Right Space

 There is just something about entering an office that motivates you to want to work. Choosing a space within your home where you feel the most motivated, concentrated, and productive is extremely important in order to flourish. If you don’t love the space you perform within, this will negatively impact the work you produce. It is crucial that you create a space that ignites excitement to conduct your everyday duties. We suggest finding a spot with a good amount of natural light. Science shows that sunlight can boost your mood, calm your emotions, help you feel grounded, and focused. You need to feel enthusiastic to work every day, this is the only way you will benefit when working from home.


 Décor, Décor, and More Décor!

 Designing your space can positively impact your performance. Just like decorating your home, decorating an office you feel proud and comfortable within will inspire and motivate you to accomplish all you set out to do. Your thoughts and emotions majorly affect the way you perform within your career. In order to achieve what plan to accomplish, we must love what we do and where we do it.

We suggest decorating your home office in things that drive and excite you. Make the space yours! Decorate it with things you love to look at. This will allow your creativity to shine and inspire you to work harder. A great way to decorate your space is with artwork!

Our customers love placing our Wallstreet Bull & Bear Traders Set within their work office and home office’s! Or check out our Business Lion collection piece. These gorgeous canvases can significantly uplift, inspire, and motivate you to work harder and smarter! They also look fantastic in any setting.. take our word for it!


 Don’t Forget Your Motivators!

There are some things that motivate us like nothing else, and for every person the motivator is different. What might motivate you, might not motivate others and vice versa! One thing we recommend doing is finding something that does motivate you and include it in your space or make time for it during your day! Something that we find motivates a lot of people? Music! We suggest making a playlist that encourages and helps you to you to enjoy your daily tasks. Find songs that uplift your mood while also encourages you to concentrate and focus.


 Avoid Distractions

This might be difficult, but hear us out! Don’t leave the dishes in the sink, dirty laundry in the hamper, or garbage overflowing and decide to deal with them while trying to complete your workload. This is setting yourself up for failure.

Sweep and mop the night before, so you don’t feel tempted to clean when you’re supposed to be preparing for a conference call. Set a time to take the pets out for a walk, to avoid them from becoming too wound up and overwhelmed and interrupting your Zoom meeting.

Avoid placing any TV’s within your home office, or refrain from turning them on while you’re working! Also, make the Do Not Disturb button on your phone your new best friend. Only allow emergency calls and texts to come through. If you need to complete a non-work related task during your day, schedule it in! Make time for the things you need to do and avoid the ones that are just encouraging you to procrastinate.

Set yourself up for success and not for failure! Designing your space, getting excited over your work, cutting out the distractions, and scheduling your day will strengthen your ability to achieve your goals and complete all of your tasks. You can become successful! You just have to prepare yourself and your space properly beforehand.


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