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How to Choose Canvas Art for Your Bedroom

If you’re feeling overwhelmed over what canvas art to choose for your bedroom, we hear you! Artwork can feel intimidating to pick out. The designs, concepts, sizes, and color schemes available are endless. How does it look in your space? Is it something you feel you can wake up every single morning and appreciate its appearance? Do you feel it represents who you are? Does it flow with the room? Well, specifically choosing your décor is vital when your goal is to create the perfect mood within the walls of your bedroom. Within this post, we are going to let you in on some of our top tips on how to choose artwork for your room! We might even give some insight into one of our favorite pieces at the moment. Scroll down below to find out more on how we suggest choosing the right work of art for your space!



Choose Artwork Dependent On The Vibes


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your personal oasis. When you walk into the room you sleep and decompress within, you want the space to comfort you, allow you unwind, and encourage you to relax. The vibe you want your bedroom décor to give off is essential when choosing which artwork to pair within the room. Do you want it to embrace you with calming and relaxing vibes? Or do you want it to be a little uplifting, fun, and playful? Is it for a child or an adult? When choosing your décor, these questions are important! You need to know what you want the artwork to signify and the overall vibe of the room. Remember, artwork can tie together a space, elevate the aesthetic you are looking to encourage, and bring your theme to life.


For example, if you are looking to give off escape and calming vibes, look into snagging some ocean waves or sunset/sunrise beach scenes. This is a significant theme to choose for a bedroom, especially one you want to enforce a relaxing and serene feeling. Beaches or waves are a wonderful way to influence the room to feel as calming as one would feel on a vacation. Instead of enduring a physical escape, it can become a mental one from the world outside of your bedroom!


If you’re looking for a statement piece that fits in with a lot of different vibes, we suggest checking out one of our top bedroom pieces, Think Outside the Box. Available in several sizes, with a frame or unframed, this statement piece is a phenomenal choice when looking to elevate your space both mentally and physically. From modern to rustic, this canvas is simple, yet effective.



Size Matters!


It is important to remember that regardless of what piece you choose to display within your bedroom, if you hang the wrong sized artwork, the entire aesthetic can fall apart. If you are placing artwork above your bed, choose something that is about 66-75% of the width of the bed. Or, do several canvases! It’s totally up to you, as it is your space! The direction in which you design it completely depends on your own desires. We love the look of one large statement piece, just as much as we do when 2 smaller-medium pieces are featured. When installing more than one piece, make sure they harmonize with one another and the rooms theme. If they don’t, it can overwhelm the space!


Take the Color Scheme Into Account


If you have a lot of one-colored accents within your room, remember to pair your artwork to match this. It can offer a sense of consistency. It is beneficial to have every piece of décor in-tune with one another, the unity will look extremely appealing. Doing this will execute the theme and color scheme you are trying to convey within the space. If you have a gray and white color scheme, for example, with a gray comforter, shades of gray pillows, some casual pops of white with your rug or a textured stool, then we suggest going with a piece (or several pieces) that features both white and gray. This way your artwork stays in tune with the overall mood and scheme your bedroom already portrays. Or, you can add a pop of color! A nice bold red piece will liven up the space while drawing all eyes directly to the artwork. This is the perfect setting where a bigger statement piece can capture attention perfectly, and it will stand out against the more simple backdrop.


You can also choose colors based on what they mean within color psychology. Yellow is often related to “happiness”, where blue offers “tranquility and serenity”. By pairing paintings within your bedroom that signify and encourage certain emotions, you’re guaranteed to create a space that you feel most at home within!



Focus On Your Likes and Dislikes


Don’t add artwork into your bedroom you aren’t completely in love with. This space is personal to you. The most important factor when choosing a work of art is that you connect with it. There isn’t a point in displaying an art piece you can’t stand to look at, or have no opinion on. Just because it goes with the overall theme, doesn’t mean it is the right choice for you! The purpose of art is to bring forth emotion, as you’re supposed to connect with it. There is no set-in-stone rule on what you have to hang on your walls. If you fall in love with a piece, but it doesn’t quite work with your theme, hang it up anyway! As long as you love it, that’s all that matters! Art is a personal choice! It’s subjective. It’s not meant to fit into one box.


Happy decorating!



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