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Artwork comes in several options, from small to large, with a frame or even unframed, as you can see the options are endless. The question we get asked a lot is, how do you choose the right size and type of artwork for your space? There are a few general guidelines we like to follow when looking to upgrade the rooms of your house or office the right way. Although these following tips and tricks are what is recommended, there is no set-in-stone rule on how to hang artwork. Whether you are an interior designer or just someone who loves the feel art can bring to a room, whatever you see fits best within your space is by all means the most important! Scroll down below to see what we suggest as the perfect canvas art for your space, and how to display it!


Framed or Unframed?

Let’s start off with the basics. What is the difference between framed and unframed artwork, and when should you choose one over the other? Well, a framed canvas is when you have a frame that borders your piece. It adds an extra touch of design to the original artwork, it can upgrade the piece, add elegance, add completion, and assist in the theme you may convey within the space. Frames also add the protection some individuals desire with their canvas. With a frame, it will be shielded from any outside factors and forces, such as dust, the sun, or even moisture.

Unframed artwork is when the canvas has no exterior frame, no border surrounding the art, and nothing covering the edges. Unframed artwork gives off a different design purpose than framed does, it holds a unique and modern design, rather than a traditional one. It’s minimalist in its own sense. Hanging your artwork in this way can also draw more attention to the work itself, as there is no frame taking away from the piece. It’s also cheaper! Frames range in price, but they can become pricy for larger prints. If you have a large unframed canvas, this would look amazing on a clear, spacious, and uniquely colored wall.



What Size Should You Lean Towards?

After you’ve decided on what design and style you are looking for, if you want a framed or unframed art piece, and how much you would like to spend, it is important to pick out the size. We recommend choosing your space and measuring it first, this can give you a good idea on what you would like to feature within it.

 A good rule of thumb? Choose a piece that fills the wall about 60-75% of the way. Please note, this is regarding the available wall space, the amount that isn’t covered by anything, like for example, furniture. Take a 10ft tall and 6ft wide wall, for example. You would multiply both the height 10ft, and the width 6ft, by 0.6 and 0.75. Therefore, any canvas between 6 and 7.5ft in height, and between 3.6 and 4.5ft in width would look best within that space.


What About Artwork For Above Furniture?

If you are looking to hang artwork above a couch, your bed, or even a fireplace, a good way to go about this is to aim for the artwork to cover about 66% to 75% of the width of the furniture. For example, if your bed is 4ft wide, then aim for a canvas that is around 2.64 and 3ft in size. This would look amazing above your bed and fit the space perfectly.


Pro Tips!


Unsure between two sizes? Go for the bigger one of the two. It can’t hurt to have a bigger canvas, but a smaller one could leave little impact on the room’s design. It’s important not to choose too small of a piece in a space that demands a bigger piece of art. It can look odd if it is too small.

Try placing any canvases 56 to 60 inches from the floor when hanging them on a blank wall. This would be considered sitting at eye level. This trick is used in art galleries from around the world.

Placing them above furniture? Place them anywhere between 4 to 12 inches above that piece of furniture. This will help to tie all pieces in together, and make each piece stand out in its own right, without overwhelming the room and its observer.


Smaller Sized Pieces?

If you snag a bunch of smaller sized prints, go for a salon wall! This means placing different sized small to medium prints collaged together. This looks wonderful above furniture, on empty wall space, or even in a smaller area. You can use either framed or unframed artwork for this one. If you are using same size work, then go for a grid. It’ll capture your eye distinctly. Hang the pieces, if they’re bigger in size, 2 to 3 inches apart. If they’re smaller, 1.5 to 2 inches apart. If it’s going above any furniture, leave between 4 to 12 inches between the work and the furniture.

Have fun with this! Remember, if you don’t like the way your artwork hangs, change it up and see if you like it in a different way. You can break as many rules in your own space as you desire!


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