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How To Select the Perfect Amount of Art For Your Space

You can bring your home to life with the décor and artwork you select to display! Selecting the perfect canvases and right amount of artwork for your space is important in capturing the atmosphere and personality you plan to achieve. How does one not only choose the proper canvases for their space, but also the right amount as well? Unless you’re a professional art curator or an interior designer, the art selecting process might not seem as easy as it appears to be. However, choosing artwork to display within your personal space isn’t as complicated as it sounds! Art and design are subjective. Your home should always represent who you are as a person! Never buy décor that you don’t personally connect with, or you won’t feel your house is your home.



Choose a Layout That Resonates With You


When you walk into a room, do you feel more attracted to a wall with various amounts of artwork, or one with a bigger canvas? Do you want to hang as many pieces as you find fits within the space or appreciate a one piece of work? This is important in narrowing down your own personal style. There are various routes you can go with and a gallery wall is just one of them! If you feel at home with more than one work of art, then hang several. There is no hard rule on how much art can go on one wall, it is extremely subjective to your tastes.




Don’t Overwhelm the Space


We suggest trying to not overdo it! Hanging too many pieces of art can become overwhelming. It can take over the walls and crowd the room, creating a busy and packed space. If you want to hang more than just a few pieces of art, make sure to choose them specifically. Don’t throw together various different textures, prints, and colors and hope they flow! It can create confusion to you and your guests’ eyes. Yes, you can definitely create a space full of art, but it has to be done in a way that doesn’t completely overtake the room. Allow there to be a good amount of negative space on the walls, this helps the room to appear larger. When you clutter the room with multiple prints, it can shrink the space drastically, making you feel claustrophobic.



Don’t Underwhelm the Space


Your space can also feel underwhelming if you don’t have enough artwork. If you choose only one canvas and it’s on the smaller side, it might look odd and out of place. The room will then overpower the artwork. If you want to do one or two pieces, they must be big enough to fill the room and capture the viewer’s eye. It’s all about creating a good balance with what you feel fits in with your style and aesthetic. It’s crucial you love not only the presence of the piece itself, but also the layout of your artwork. Choose to display your art in a way you know you will enjoy day in and day out.



Choose the Room’s Focal Point


If you’re not sure where to start or what print to purchase, be sure to decide on what the rooms focal point is. If you want the couch to stand out, make sure you choose artwork that flows with it. Select pieces that match in color, style, and vibes. Your focal point can determine the theme of the room. Want the art to be the focal point instead? Choose a canvas that pops against the rooms interior design. If you have a more neutral color scheme, we recommend selecting a piece of art that is bolder in style. Take our Wall Street Prints Bulls Win collection piece for example! This would look incredible within a neutral toned room. Work with the room and its furniture, not against it! Allow your own personal interests and instincts shine! Your home should show your own personality, you can use decorating and design to showcase this.



Placement Can Do Wonders


Don’t neglect where you place your art! Where you hang it and how you hang it, can transform the entire atmosphere of the room. If you place your artwork without regard for the room size and the other objects within the space, the entire aesthetic can fall apart. You need to focus on balancing the room, especially with the sizing, proportions, and scale. If you place the artwork in a certain way, you will harmonize the space perfectly. If the canvases are too close together, too far apart, too high, or too low, this can create a disharmony and disconnect between the setup. Therefore, your room might appear displaced or disorganized. When you leave enough blank wall space around the artwork, its excellence can stand out. Don’t attempt to highlight too many objects and artworks. If you decide to display too much work, then none of them will stand out!


It is often suggested you hang your art at eye level, centered comfortably when above any furniture. From there, you can adjust the pieces to your liking! Remember, if there are any other objects around the canvas, distance them a good amount away.




Choosing a theme for the space is important if you’re looking to show off your design skills or wanting to transform a room into one that expresses your style. Don’t focus on the artist or price of the piece unless that matters to you! Art looks phenomenal at any price point and created by every artist. Select work that inspires, uplifts, resonates, and speaks to you! Artwork in your home is meant to highlight your personality and style, it is a fantastic way to personalize your space!


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