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The art you choose to display within your workspace can impact your entire work ethic and production rate, but also influence the way clients view your business. Selecting the right artwork for your office is essential to telling the right story, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and inspiring your best work. If you’re interested in finding the proper artwork for your work space, continue reading! Within this blog post, we will let you know our top tips on finding what fits best within your office. We highly recommend artwork for your office, as it is well known to inspire creativity, while also harness motivation. You can transform a dull environment into one you and your clients love to walk into day in and day out! Scroll down for more information.



Focus on The Message


The message you want to convey with your overall space is important! Whether you work in real estate, within a doctor’s office, or have a financial planning business, the art you display on your walls can greatly impact your motivation to work and influence your clients. If you see clients or host business meetings daily, you need to choose artwork that portrays a specific theme and message. This message can give off welcoming and open vibes or even sophisticated and stable ones.


There are a variety of different routes you can take! You can choose artwork that shows your brand’s values and core beliefs. If you see something that fits in with your own message and purpose, this is an amazing way to remind you and your clients of your mission in your career. It can also help to show companies or your own founding story. Think of this art as representing your brand’s identity.


Remember, your choice in artwork can greatly impact the way your clients view you and your business! Certain pieces are more appropriate for professional environments more so than others. Creating a place that welcomes your clients while also solidifies their trust in you, is essential in maintaining a good working relationship. Do you require your space to be on the more reserved and conservative side? Then we suggest looking into more traditional pieces. These artworks, like landscapes for example, can offer a sense of stability and professionalism. 


If your office space is solely for your eyes and your eyes only, you can look at more personal pieces that inspire the best out of your work. This can also fit into a career that requires more creativity as well. If you want to give off a fun, playful, and bold vibe, look into more abstract pieces of artwork. Or ones that encourage discussion.



Colors Matter!


You may not realize this, but colors can impact your impression of a space and your mood while within it. Selecting a piece based on its colors is essential when trying to choose the perfect artwork for your office space. Looking to influence a vibrant, exciting, and innovative atmosphere? Stick to yellows, oranges, and reds! Trying to appear calm, collected, and stable? Look for pieces that feature cooler blues and soft neutrals.


Matching your artwork to your office theme is also a great place to start! We personally love the Money Spiral collection piece from our Wall Street Prints label. This is a beautiful and striking limited edition, which can bring the perfect amount of color to any space. Its unique and vibrant design can offer the ultimate transformation to your office. The ideal piece to inspire, uplift, and motivate its owner and spectators. It’s also available in several sizes, with a frame or frameless. Check it out here!



Sizes, Sizes, Sizes


How do you know what size to choose? Or how many canvases to display? When looking to spruce up your office space, choosing a print might be easy, but sizing can become difficult. Truthfully, it all depends on the space and the décor you already have within it! While it’s often suggested you hang photos of family and of your credentials within your own office, don’t feel like you can’t also hang some abstract or fun art concepts too! The space is yours, design it to your preferences and don’t neglect your desires! If you feel connected to it, hang it! The way you feel about your space can greatly impact the work you produce. You have to love what you do, and where you do it to successfully accomplish all that you set out to do. 


However, it’s important you don’t overwhelm your space with too much artwork. Having crowded walls can impact you and your mindset negatively! If your walls become too overwhelming and full of art, you can become distracted and overpowered by them.


A good rule of thumb? Choose one or 2 bigger pieces that flow really well together. Either they are similar, like our Raging Bull and Bear Bundle, or they completely match them by placing two of the same prints up! Or go with one big statement piece! Both can tie in the space incredibly, without enforcing disorganization.


It is important to choose artwork that resonates with your core beliefs and are canvases you would enjoy looking at for 8 or more hours! Don’t follow trends just because they are “in” and don’t choose work just because someone recommended it to you. If you aren’t in love with it, feel inspired by it, or appreciate its presence, don’t hang it up!


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