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ROCKET BULL | Semi-Gloss Print

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This Semi-Gloss Print is a perfect Stock Market Gift! Wall Street art for Office and Home
Décor, a great Stock Trader or Investor Gift! Show off the gains you've been making in this bull market with this one of a kind piece, Rocket Bull!

This Wall Street art is a unique way to bring something personal into your home and office.

****Semi-Gloss Print Wall Art Details*****

- Bright, white photo paper with a satin finish
- Weight - 260g/m2
- Thickness - 10 mil
- Brightness - 93.87%
- Opacity - 96.44
- Full sharp color fidelity

- State of the art printing technology results in sharp photographic reproduction and color fidelity
- UL certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink

-Semi-Gloss Printed all the way to the edge to ensure a perfect finish and clean look even without a frame.

- 100% real wood frame with a matte black enamel finish
- Shatterproof plexiglass
- Depth of frame is 3/4"
-Framed Semi-Gloss print includes a 2" border to give it the look of a mat covering.
- The border is a white border that is added to the actual printed image to create the appearance of a mat


Between the mem stocks of late and the realization that some of these stocks can go to the moon, the rocket bull is the natural addition to your space. While most traders are struggling to find nickels, the rocket bull is leaving hundreds behind as they take their gains all the way to the moon.

Whether you're a fan of Wall Street Bets or not, the impact they've had on the stock market can't be ignored. It's time to upgrade your artwork with an affordable piece that makes you front and center in this march of taking stocks to the moon. Get this one-of-a-kind artwork - Rocket Bull - found exclusively here. Get yours before the gainz run out!

****Material Options***

✔Semi-Gloss print is printed all the way to the edge and rolled in a tube for easy and durable shipping.

✔Framed version comes with a 3/4" depth frame and shatterproof plexiglass covering.

✔Framed Semi-Gloss version includes a 2" white border printed onto the art to give it the look of a mat covering.

**Size Option

✔12x16 inches

✔16x20 inches

✔24x30 inches


***All orders now include rush shipping via FedEx and a premium finish upgrade to make your piece stand out like never before!***

Shipping Times

How much is it to ship?

Note: Bundles are billed as one piece as far as shipping charges go.

  • Gift Cards: Free Email Delivery
  • US, Canada, UK, & Australia: Free
  • Mexico & Europe excluding UK: $29.95 per piece
  • Rest of World: $49.95 per piece

Why are the fees so high for some international orders?

We ship artwork in large boxes and the shipping companies we were using kept losing packages or damaging packages to the point it has become unprofitable to use anything but premium shipping services for any country outside of the big 4.  As a result, the shipping fees have gone up but are still below actual cost.  We charge zero markup on shipping as the only purpose of shipping is to get you the final product in the right condition.  At this time, this is the only way we can do this.

What is the cancellation/change order window?

All artwork is made to order.  As such, we offer a 24 hour change/cancellation window before we begin to allow you an option as things come up.  Once the order is processed through our system and onto our production team, it cannot be stopped.  Any changes/cancellations must have written request prior to the 24 hour window closing.

Any order can bypass that window as well by sending us an email with the order # in the subject line and stating you wish to begin production immediately.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

All Products are custom made to order.  As such, timing may change depending on size and/or framing. Average Time From after 24 Hour Cancellation/Change Order Window Expiring to Delivery is:

  • US: 4-10 Business Days
  • Canada / Australia / UK: 5-11 Business Days
  • EU: 6-12 Business Days
  • Rest of World: If shipping is available in your area, 15-25 Business Days

It shows you don't ship to where I'm at?

We are constantly trying to improve in this area but there are currently some locations internationally that we simply cannot ship to.  If you are in one of those areas and wish to purchase our artwork, send us a message at and we will see what we can do on a case by case basis.  At the very least, doing this will put you first on the list when your destination opens up to us!

What if my order never gets delivered?

If your carrier loses the package and it never makes it to the final destination, we require a 10 day non-movement process (meaning no changes occurred on their end via tracking) and we will begin the process of reproducing your order at no charge.

If the order shows delivered, however, and it was delivered to the wrong address or was stolen after delivery, we cannot be held liable at this point.  In 99% of cases, a misdelivered package shows up next door or a few doors down.  If the carrier is unable to help, we will do what we can on a case by case basis.  Please reach out to us for further assistance if this is required.


Quality Guarantee 

We offer a quality guarantee or it is replaced for free.  Once your order has been delivered, you have 7 days to open a dispute due to any issue from shipping, production, or anything else you feel has occurred.  After this window has closed, the order is considered complete and the Quality Guarantee has expired.  

We strive to offer the best product possible at a great price but cannot offer any sort of lifetime guarantee as it's simply impossible to tell what goes on with the artwork once it has left our shop.  If you have any issues, please reach out to us as soon as possible from delivery.


International Taxes & Import Duties 

All Taxes & Import Duties when shipping internationally are the sole responsibility of the customer.  Wall Street Prints cannot determine ahead of time what additional duties/fees will be required upon delivery and we encourage all international customers to account for this added fee before placing a purchase.

Any package refused duty fees will be returned to the states where they will be recycled without reimbursement as our cost of goods sold for production, shipment, and chargeback for returned order due to non-payment would exceed the reimbursement price.  Doing so will also cause you a one year ban from being allowed to purchase from 

Purchasing any order outside the United States from us implies that you accept this responsibility as entirely your own.


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