Candlestick Charts | 4 bars showing the ebb & flow of the market

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    When you talk to a trader about candlesticks, it has nothing to do with decorations.  Candlesticks to a trader are the lifeblood of their charts.  It's how they see the world, with every doji or engulfing bar giving another reason as to why the price is leading the way.

    Help them show off their passion like never before.  With this breathtaking artwork in their home or office, there will be no doubt what it is they're talking about next time they say price gave a green to red bar.  Just look at the artwork and realize that they're in their element, and you helped them do it.

    This artwork is the perfect gift for any technician or trader.  With sizes from 12x16 all the way to 48x36 with a framed and nonframe option.  This is the go-to piece, ready to hang right out the box, and guaranteed to knock their socks off.


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